Top 40 under 40 women

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Posted  Sunday, June 5   2011 at  14:20

In Summary

EDITOR'S NOTE: How the Top 40 were picked


BD’s TOP 40 Under 40 is an annual ranking of women who have risen to occupy positions of influence in society before the age of 40 and are therefore headed for top careers in the next decade.

It has been said that what sets societies apart in terms of human and economic development is the lack of diversity (especially on gender) in key decision making positions – be it in business or public policy. 

The reality in Kenya is, however, that a growing number of women have stood their ground and are making it in nearly every segment of the economy – including the corporate world, government, and enterprise.

These are the women whose achievements we hope to highlight and celebrate because it is our view that by highlighting their achievement, we encourage other ambitious women to meet the challenges and that many still face in their bid to reach the summit of their careers and aspirations.

Highlighting the achievements of these high performing women who are mostly in their 30s we contribute to the revolution that is taking place in Kenya’s social and economic space and hopefully contribute to the much desired advancement of our society.   

In picking the winners therefore, the panel strives to make a judgment call based on what the candidates have achieved (their influence in society so far that qualifies them as a Top under 40 woman) and the potential they have to scale the ladder in the post 40 career path.

The Criteria:

Judging of the entries is therefore divided into two segments:

Segment A: Measuring Influence (power)

In other words we are saying this is the list of Kenya’s most influential women under 40.

How do we measure influence/power;

i) If in the corporate world/government agency, how highly placed is the position the candidate occupies where they work? This means that a woman managing director should score higher marks than a woman occupying a position that reports to the chief executive.

ii)  How big is the company that the candidate is leading or works for. This can be measured through parameters like capitalisation if a listed company, assets, annual revenue, number of employees or profits.

iii)  How large is the territory covered? A woman heading a business or a segment of a business that covers the whole of Africa/East Africa should score more than those whose territory is confined to Kenya or even Nairobi alone.

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