Enterprise is ultimate show of patriotism

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By Josephat Mwaura

Posted  Sunday, October 23   2011 at  19:11

In Summary

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Secondly, invest in the right people. This is probably the most important decision you can make as a leader.


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To bring in the people who will help you to see the challenges and opportunities before they emerge.

People who will take prudent actions to overcome challenges and realise the opportunities. Bring wisdom to your hiring and buying of advisory services.

Thirdly, spread the faith you have and unleash your team.

It is clear that you believe in your business. You are passionate about what you do and you have a clear vision of the heights your business can rise to. Spread this faith to all your people, all your customers and all your suppliers and business partners.
When you do that, I have no doubt that your dreams will be realised and that you will leave a lasting legacy.

This country will owe you a higher debt of recognition for your contribution to our future prosperity. You are part of Vision 2030. You are the producers and employers, exporters and the wealth creators.

Spread your faith in your business to make that contribution!

Mr Mwaura is the chief executive of consultancy firm KPMG in East Africa

Download the full report here

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