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Support mega projects

The launch of Konza Technology City on Wednesday marks another milestone in Kenya’s push to open up new areas for investments and settlement.

Together with the second transport corridor that will facilitate trade with Ethiopia and South Sudan through Lamu on the Indian Ocean, the two projects represent the most transformative, if ambitious, undertakings during President Mwai Kibaki’s decade in power.

Kenya’s upgrading and expansion of infrastructure during the period has to a large extent been seen as the result of the President resolutely challenging technocrats to find modern solutions to reducing the cost of doing business and opening new centres for economic growth.

Not surprisingly, Kenyans are keeping their fingers crossed that the mega projects will continue without a hitch once the President hands over power to the successor elected after the March 4 General Election.

That fear has arisen from past experiences where elected officials at the constituency level abandoned projects started by their predecessors for reasons of political competition alone.

The concerns must have reached President Kibaki, who during the ground breaking Wednesday, challenged Kenyans to ensure that the development of Konza and the rest of the country continues full steam.

For the mega projects to make an impact on the livelihoods of Kenyans while enhancing and diversifying the export base, continuity will be of paramount importance.

That behoves those competing for public office at all levels to support the projects on which the aspirations of Kenyans for prosperity are intricately intertwined.