Police received Anglo Leasing equipment

A police pass-out parade last week. FILE PHOTO | NMG
A police pass-out parade last week. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The anti-corruption court on Tuesday heard that the police received several items from a company at the centre of a controversial Anglo Leasing project.

Levin Mwandi, formerly director of logistics in the police force, confirmed receiving equipment from Sound Day Corporation, but could not tell whether the kits were under Anglo Leasing E-Cops project or previous security deals.

Sound Day Corporation had been supplying police equipment since 1993, and at the time the project was cancelled in 2004, the firm had already supplied most of the equipment but had not been paid about $8.5 million (Sh875 million).

Mr Mwandi said that he had sought more information from the Office of the President regarding the controversial contract and was only supplied with a list of items to expect, and not the contract itself showing the total items to be supplied.

“In the absence of the crucial information regarding the contract and its terms, including the obligation of the police, government, and supplier, it was difficult to give a full account of the items delivered,” Mr Mwandi said.

He, however, said that his office was not involved in the procurement as the project was being handled by the Office of the President, where most of the contracts relating to police service were handled.

Further, that former police commissioner Maj-General Hussein Ali had provided a list and requested that he go through it to know which of the listed items had been delivered, and which items were pending delivery.

His office provided details of the record they had kept of all the items received.

Mr Mwandi said the police equipment to be supplied under the Anglo Leasing E-Cops project had been prepared under the leadership of the late Commissioner of Police Edwin Nyaseda.

The project sought to link all the police stations in the country so as to improve efficiency and collaboration in fighting crime and maintenance of law our order.

He told court that he was unaware of the Anglo Leasing E-Cops project until when the defunct Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) requested documents relating to the contract.

In the suit, former finance minister David Mwirarria, two former Permanent Secretaries and businessmen Deepak Kamani and Rashmi Kamani have been charged in connection with multi-billion shilling security tenders that the government has termed irregular.

The accused have denied alleged fraud concerning the multi-billion shilling worth Anglo Leasing contract which the government later cancelled without notice.

Hearing continues today.