Get your home organised with unique boxes

Fit your kitchen with many shelves. PHOTO | FILE
Fit your kitchen with many shelves. PHOTO | FILE 

It is hard to relax when you are surrounded by clutter. Items that might have been important to you and your family last year might not be needed in the house now.

Mess and disorganisation gives you a feel more mentally cluttered, less decisive, anxious, and more easily annoyed. One of the items that clutter the house are baby stuff; outgrown clothes or broken and unwanted toys.

In this edition, we look at some of the ways to declutter your home, providing websites that have neat storage options to help in organising.

Organized Planet, an online interior store has various storage units for your everyday life, whether for travel or just to help you put things in order at home. It has many shelving options which one can select from and they come in different shapes, sizes and colours.


Because this area is hidden from your guests, it is the most neglected. Keeping it tidy needs patience and time but most importantly one needs to invest in storage units.

Have a well-built cabinet with various drawers making it easy to sort and arrange your clothes in neat way. Buy a bed that has an orphaned drawer under that you can slide easily to keep anything from extra blankets out of sight.

Invest in a chest of drawers to store scarves or socks.

Steve Maina, the director and an interior designer with Neat n Fit says getting accessories to substitute and complement the existing storage helps in decluttering.

“For people who live in rented houses where it’s prohibited to make any changes, get storage units,” he says.

Steve recommends having multipurpose furniture units that are both functional and act as storage units, such as beds with storage drawers or a closet with a jewellery section to reduce the number of items in a room.

Wall mounted storage containers by Neat and Fit help put small items in a room out of reach of children. Their shirt and trouser rack can also be fitted into ones closet to maximise the space available for storage.


There is only so much one can carry when travelling and stashing everything in your car boot or suitcase will definitely limit the amount of space to carry the essentials.

However, there are various items accessible to us to help in having a neat and organised travel pack which is available at Organised Planet.

A car boot organiser with thermal cooler will help in sporting all your valuables in the car boot in an organised way. It will also help in putting everything in order when you get to your destination and use the car boot organiser to keep everything together.

A toiletry bag is also an essential when travelling.

Some of the other items available are the car organisers which are usually placed behind the driver and passenger seats to store food and handy items while travelling. The bra organiser for the ladies is for packing undergarments in separate compartments.


A laundry organiser from neat and fit is beneficial for those who live in apartments and need to air dry their towels.

They are available in various sizes and fit well in the laundry room or outside at the balcony.

Organized Planet has the three-tier towel rack used to air dry small kitchen towels.

If you do not have ample space in the kitchen cabinet, a spice rack is a good investment to keep them all together.

Airtight cereal storage containers are also important for a tidy pantry room to ensure no spills when storing and they are available in various colours of plastic, stainless steel and glass.

Faith Kaimba of Faith The Organiser says having a neat and tidy house should not just be a dream but one should be able to make it a reality.

She started her company last year which she runs part time to help people organise their homes.

“I now help organise people’s homes by decluttering or when they are moving by helping sort out and store everything neatly in its place without having it thrown anywhere,” she says.