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About Us

BDAfrica carries a selection of stories from the newspaper Business Daily, published out of Nairobi by the Nation Media Group.

Typically, the website publishes some 20 stories a day, representing around one third of the newspaper's content. For details of the much fuller range of business and feature coverage available in the newspaper, please see the website section: In the Newspaper.

You may subscribe directly to the full newspaper by contacting kkyaka@nation.co.ke.

The sub-section of stories published on the website are chosen to satisfy specialist audiences residing primarily outside the region, but with a business interest in East Africa.

The site will be launching a series of free e-newsletters for these audiences in coming weeks. If you wish to subscribe to any of the following newsletters, please use the form available in the website section: Subscribe.

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Our Mission

Every business needs a vision in order to be great.
This new Business Daily newspaper and BDAfrica.com are part of the Nation Media Group's vision for the 21st Century.

We aim to prime the African continent for economic take-off.

The media is in a position to do this. Deals do not get made when partner is unaware of partner. Risks are misjudged when target markets are unseen. Opportunities are missed when only the next-door neighbour knows of them.
In business, knowledge is power, and factual, relevant and early information is the chance to make better business.

However, we aim to do more than help investors and businesses by delivering sight and insights. Public policy drives an economy, just as private initiative.

We are dedicated to unfolding the issues at stake, informing the debate, and providing hard-hitting, but fair comment and analysis.

Put simply, we expect to be influential at every level.

Staffed by a slice of the country's top, young professionals - well-known business journalists, lawyers, accountants and rising managers - we are a hot house, and we are here for you, our East African readers.

But we are also international - a phenomena of globalisation.

With our own network of foreign correspondents across the world, we are looking outwards, as well as inwards.

Our vision of journalism is to employ our time and skills to provide you with the information that genuinely makes a difference: wherever it comes from.

We seek to understand the decisions that confront you. We seek to answer the questions that you have.
For us, your businesses and your investments make up our radar screen. Please guide us in this. Write to us. Take part in the readers' polls on our online news service, www.bdafrica.com. Tell us what you wish us to ask, research, discover and report.

The staff

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