Top 40 under 40 Men

UPDATE: Get a download of the 2011 Top 40 Under 40 Men

This will be the first time to have the Top 40 under 40 men. The campaign will be largely based on the corporate sphere. The criteria will be based on-

 1.    The candidate should be a decision maker/ key influencer/game changer in the workplace/industry/organization.

2.    The company/organization they lead or work for should have significant contribution/impact on the economy of the country or in large the community, for example the annual revenue, tax contribution, number of employees or growth in profits,

3.    Nominees with a larger area of regional/international influence are encouraged to enter

4.    A significant and measurable achievement in the position they lead or work for.

5.    Sales, Profitability, Innovation, Significant value creation in areas of responsibility.

6.    What impact has the man had on society? Has he inspired other people who attest to have done something because they were inspired by him.

7.    What corporate social responsibility has he driven/is he part of and what is the impact?

8.    Nominees involved or in-charge of innovative projects will have an added advantage

9.    Potential to excel and dominate- demonstrates star potential in the next 3-5 years

Nominations to be sent to: top40under40men@ke.nationmedia.com

Deadline for Nominations is 18th ,November 2012.