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Track your shares at the touch of a button

SharePower technology can help you monitor your
SharePower technology can help you monitor your investments from the comfort of your office. 

You can now track and monitor your investments from the comfort of your office, home or while on the move.

Enjoying the largest market share and being register custodians of some of the most sort after counters in the Nairobi Stock Exchange, a Nairobi-based share registry has now acquired a new IT system that will allow shareholders to access their information from remote locations and at the touch of a button.

The Nairobi-based Custody and Registrar Services (C & R), a share registry, will thus become the first registry company in east and central Africa to have such a system in place.

Confirming the acquisition, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Collen Tapfumaneyi , said the technology will allow shareholders of listed companies, stockbrokers, fund managers and Issuers to have the privilege of tracking, monitoring and staying informed about their investments anytime, anywhere.

Known as SharePower, the technology will also save investors the trouble of travelling long distances and spending lots of time addressing various queries they have with their shares, thereby saving them the anxiety of monitoring their investments.

A shareholder is able to check his/her third party mandate details especially prior to a dividend payout to check accuracy of the information and note changes when/if required, dividend history for the respective shareholder and selected company if shareholder has more than one company amongst many more advantages.

The system will be subscription based and will allow secure access by shareholders along the same lines as online banking.

“Foreign investors play a big role in Kenya’s stock exchange and we know that they constantly need to be aware of the state of their shares and receive real time stock market updates,” said Tapfumaneyi.

The new IT platform will also enable to monitor their shares anytime they want and this might deter unscrupulous activities.

“We have now entered the era of simplified sharing of information with investors and our role will be to provide updated information and make it readily available to shareholders,” he says.

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The acquisition will see the share registry business reach a new height and in tandem with the rest of the developed world. The new system, he said, contains a vast variety of functions and is well built on high technology software to ensure maximum security and data integrity.

The IT platform will also be a treasure for company secretaries, as it will provide them easy access to their share registers at any time without having to call registrars.

Company secretaries and other senior management team members will now be able to securely access the company’s registers, shareholders reports, transaction summaries, dividend reconciliations and a lot of other information from the comfort of their offices.

Tapfumaneyi said the new system is capable of increasing the frequency and level of interaction between shareholders and companies, including providing a one stop point from which shareholders could download all listed companies annual reports and receiving email alerts on any important events like annual and extra ordinary general meetings and dividend payment dates.