Top 40 under 40 women

Business Daily's Top 40 women business leaders aged below 40 for 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: How the women were ranked

That all rankings are subjective to some degree cannot be denied. Business Daily has, however, attempted to make the Top 40 Under 40 project more than a list of the best known, most prominent or most influential women in Kenya today.

Top 40 Under 40 has underpinned its choices on the ranked candidates’ performance, and durability in the positions they hold. We then ascertained each candidate’s age, and considered data on the size of the company, or business (turnover or number of employees), its scope and complexity (i.e whether it is a national/multi-national or cross-sectoral operation), and the competitive landscape of the segment of the economy in which they operate.

Women running or occupying senior positions in companies with a multi-national reach scored higher marks than those in charge of national/local agencies.

In this list are also women professionals such as lawyers, architects, and partners in accounting firms, included purely on the basis of the size (value) of the work they have done. The assessment of lawyers and accountants is, for instance, based on the value of deals they have handled and how it compared with those of other nominees.


Top 40 Under 40 project has also awarded high marks to women who have excelled in professions that have been and remain male dominated such as software engineering, aviation, medical research and engineering. This is because the newspaper believes there should be no gender-based glass ceiling on any career aspiration.

We have also recognised a limited number of women in public service or not-for-profit organisations. Here, we have considered the scope of the task that is before the agencies
they lead and the possible impact of their work on the Kenyan population or economy.

There are also those who have done the country proud through social activities such as sports, the arts, and philanthropy.

It is, however, important to note that the finalists have been picked from a large pool of candidates nominated by our readers through an e-mail address that was open to all.

Ochieng Rapuro,


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