In-built appliances hot addition to modern kitchens

Developers are opting to have fully equipped kitchens with the appliances installed as a key selling point. PHOTO | FILE
Developers are opting to have fully equipped kitchens with the appliances installed as a key selling point. PHOTO | FILE 

It is no longer just enough to have a table top burner and a microwave as the only appliances in the kitchen.

Fridges, cookers, ovens and dishwashers among other appliances, are fighting for space in modern kitchens.

But in the new age of high-rise apartment living rather than standalone houses, the space is limited and there is no luxury of knocking down the wall adjacent to the back door to extend your kitchen to host all the new shiny gadgets.

Fully equipped

This coupled with the new trend in housing has pushed for the demand in built in appliances. Contractors and developers are opting to have fully equipped kitchens with the appliances installed as a key selling point.

“Built-in appliances have become a requirement of modern houses and Kenyans are also in touch with global trends,” says Shikul Shah, director at Pots and Pans Limited.

The range of built in appliances include cookers (hobs), ovens, dishwashers and fridges among other appliances. According to Shikul, the most popular in Kenya are the hoods, cookers and ovens.

“Built-in fridges are small so people do not buy those as much,” he explains.

The choice of appliance and brand is made depending on the space available in the kitchen and the budget.

Sh500,000, says Shikul, will get you top of the range equipment ready to install in your kitchen.

Cost of purchase

The cost of purchase of the appliance is usually separate from the cost of installation. Once purchased, a client can either have their personal arrangements for installation or the seller can do so for an extra fee. When getting a fitted kitchen, it usually simple to get the built-in appliances as they are fitted in with the kitchen as it is put together.

For renovations or additions to an existing kitchen, alterations need to be made to incorporate gas, power and or water lines. The table tops—like granite tops need to be cut to fit the hobs, while some cabinets may need to be altered to place an oven or a microwave or a fridge.

New product lines introduced during the CES 2017 show reveal increased commitment by tech firms to the trend. The lines include various models of Built-in Double and Single Wall Ovens, Built-in Gas Cooktops, Built-in Induction Cooktops, Built-in Electric Cooktops, and Built-in Range Hoods, all of which seamlessly merge into any new kitchen design or remodel.

Smart range

Samsung unveiled a range that is smart and incorporates Wi-Fi so users can remotely start, control and turn off their ovens, as well as monitor their cooktop and range hood from their smartphone. In addition to this, Bluetooth connectivity syncs the cooktop with Samsung’s range hood to automatically start the hood’s fans or lights when using the cooktop.

LG Electronics according to a Korean publication will equip all home electronics under its premium built-in brands such as Signature Kitchen Suite, LG Studio and LG DIOS Built-In to be rolled out this year with wireless Internet connections, or Wi-Fi, hoping its latest technology drive helps it win in the smart-home race.

LG on Monday announced that some of its premium built-in electronics will be able to control key functions of the connected appliances — refrigerators, cooktops and dishwashers —via an app called LG Smart Home Service SmartThinQ that can be downloaded to users’ smartphones. The integration of the Smart Home systems to the built-in appliances allows users to operate multiple devices from a single device and remotely.