Dry spell kills 400,000 goats in Marsabit

At least 400,000 goats have died following ravaging drought in Marsabit County in the past eight months, Governor Ukur Yatani has said.

The county has suspended some recurrent expenditure to raise Sh450 million needed to mitigate effects of the drought in the next three months.

Mr Yatani said Marsabit, the biggest county in the country, has not received rain since April last year.

“The December short rains did not also rain at all. The animals locals were using to carry water like camels and donkeys aredying. The cattle are gone,” Mr Yatani said.

The county government estimates that 70 per cent of the county population, about 250,000 people, are affected by the ravaging drought with North Horr’s Dukana Ward being the worst hit.

“Although no one has died due to famine, the food deficiency has contributed to other illnesses. In Dukana and North Horr 60 per cent of the livestock, more than 400,000 goats have died,” said Mr Yatani who is also the council of governors’ whip.

His government, he said, has suspended 50 percent of recurrent expenditure including expenses on fuel, use of vehicles and travel allowances “to realise resources for the drought.”

New employment has been stopped and development projects postponed as the county seeks to raise Sh450 million to cater for famine stricken families.