Instant Sh5,000 fine on the way for littering in Mombasa

Mombasa residents face an instant fine of Sh5,000 for failing to pay garbage collectors or dumping waste at non-designated places, a proposed by-law states.

Households currently pay Sh20 to waste collectors per day. Mombasa County has also spent Sh2.3 million on building garbage collection points in part of waste management plan after phasing out the previous waste management system.

Previously the county stationed 63 collection trucks at different points in the sub counties where all garbage used to be dumped.

County environment executive Tendai Mtana said anyone caught dumping hazardous waste would pay higher fines stipulated in the Mombasa County Finance Bill 2016/2017.

Mr Mtana said the new collection system dubbed ‘Mambo Safi’ would streamline waste disposal in Mombasa.


He said the county had also submitted two laws to address garbage disposal — the Mombasa Management Bill 2016 and Mombasa Green Cities Initiatives Bill 2016 — to the county assembly for debate.

He said more than 3,000 youths would benefit from the county’s waste management plan.
“If you pollute you pay, you either pay me to collect the waste or be fined and we are going to collect those fines.
“Remember it is everybody’s right to live in a clean environment,” he said.

Mr Mtana said the county would work closely with the ward administrators to enforce the proposed laws at the ward levels.
He said some households refuse to pay collectors for garbage collection, hurting efforts to keep the city clean.

Identify residents polluting

He added that the county would liaise with waste collectors to identify residents polluting the environment.

“If you are caught dumping hazardous waste the fine is bigger... The waste collectors know those who do not pay so it will be easy for our officers to identify them,” he added.

The official said the county had begun registering all service providers who would collect the garbage from homes and dispose of them at designated dumpsites for sorting and recycling.

“We have identified at least two collection points in every ward, in the next week we will publish the collection points across the county.
“Anybody caught disposing of waste outside the designated points will also be fined,” he warned.

The executive said county is building a green economy as part of Mombasa’s Vision 2030 adding that waste is a resource that could create job opportunities for the youth.

“A plastic bottle is a resource. We are negotiating with manufacturers of items out of pelleted wastes for you to earn more.
“If you can collect pelleted plastic in Mombasa you earn Sh35 per kilo,” he said.

However, county has also introduced a new fee for those buying garbage.
Mr Mtana said the county generates around 1,000 metric tonnes of wastes a day.

“If you are a purchaser of plastic and you want to recycle you have to buy a licence which is the green permit.

“To collect organic wastes you pay Sh2.50, plastic Sh2.50, electric wastes Sh1.90, paper work wastes Sh1.50. Waste is a million dollar business,” he said.
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