Liquid Telecom signs deal for client call centre

UK-headquartered IT firm Liquid Telecoms has contracted Kenyan company Techno Brain to set up a call centre for its customers in a bid to claw back lost market share. Paul Statham, the chief commercial officer of Liquid Telecoms, said in a phone interview that the call centre will be based at its Nairobi’s Mombasa Road offices.

Previously, Liquid Telecoms relied on its technical staff to receive customers’ complaints, but with the new investment this will free the hands of the technicians to concentrate more on solving clients’ challenges.

Techno Brain will provide the equipment for the call centre, train employees and manage it at a fee and transfer it to Liquid Telecoms. “The call centre employees will mainly focus on the SME market segment which normally requires a dedicated customer support,” said Mr Statham.

He added that at the moment the firm dedicates one employee to 50 customers, but with the new investment one employee will serve 20 customers, thus reducing the time taken to resolve complaints.

Recently released industry data by the Communications Authority of Kenya CA indicated that Liquid Telecoms lost 3,777 subscribers between January and March 2014, which saw its market share decline to 17.8 per cent up from the previous 23.7 per cent compared with a similar period last year.


Liquid Telecom Group, the parent company, has positioned itself as one of biggest investors in Africa’s Internet connectivity market. In East Africa, the firm has invested Sh1.75 billion ($20 million) which has seen the installation of 17,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.