Malaba, Busia one-stop border posts works set to end by July

Construction of Malaba and Busia border posts is set for completion in July and May respectively, easing clearance of cargo and passengers between Kenya and Uganda.

Currently the entry points are characterised by tedious clearance procedures at both sides often leading to delays and congestion.

But the posts which comprise a modern immigration centre, police post, custom booths, custom clearance block, animal house, dog kennels, gate house and a furnace for burning waste will bring officials from both countries to increase efficiency.

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNha) project engineer Paul Omondi said the projects launched in July 2012 experienced delays related to, “relocation of amenities, such as power lines, acquisition of land and resettlements that are now complete.”

The projects are funded by the World Bank, Trademark East Africa (TMEA) and the Kenyan government under the East Africa Trade and Transport Facilitation Project. Malaba border post will cost the taxpayer over Sh530 million and Busia over Sh550 million.


Richard Kamajugo, senior managing director TMEA said “completion will connect both countries increasing efficiency.”

Busia and Malaba are the most preferred entry points for commercial traffic into Kenya from Uganda and other commercial ports from East Africa countries and the Great Lakes region. 

The two border posts are part of the 15 initiated by the East African Community (EAC) One-Stop-Border-Posts Bill 2012, which compels members to construct the posts and support traffic flow and trade.

So far, EAC statistics show that seven border posts are complete increasing trade by 23 per cent within the bloc.

Among the complete ones are the Rwanda Burundi OSBSP connecting at Gasenyi/Nemba in Rusizi district, three Kenya – Tanzania border posts converging at Lunga Lunga/HoroHoro, Holili/Taveta, Isebania/Sirari.