Marsabit bets on new abattoir to export meat

Marsabit County has set aside Sh400 million to build a modern abattoir with cold rooms as it eyes export markets in Middle East and Ethiopia.

Governor Ukur Yattani said the abattoir will open export markets for Marsabit residents whose main economic activity is livestock keeping and increase their earnings.

“We have to transform cattle and goat keeping from a lifestyle to an economic activity that is able to spur growth in the county,” Mr Yattani said in Loiyongalani.

“Most of our traders transport goats and cows to Nairobi and by the time they get there after three days the animals look tired and sickly, fetching low prices. We must reverse this trend if we are to improve household incomes of the people.”

The county is betting on the abattoir to cut reliance on middlemen who buy cows and goats at low prices and export to markets like Ethiopia and the Middle East.


“The biggest problem we have in the livestock sector are the brokers. Once we have a good abattoir and cooling facility we can get the good prices,” he said.

Mr Yattani said official are scouting for new markets with high demand for meat to boost farmers’ earnings.

He said the completion of the highway from Isiolo to the border of Ethiopia would facilitate a smooth flow of goods.