Siaya hospital to set up Sh50m medical oxygen plant

Siaya residents will have a steady supply of life saving oxygen at the county district hospital with the installation of a Sh50 million plant.

The oxygen supply unit is set to increase supply of oxygen in Siaya County Referral Hospital, which has been buying oxygen from local manufacturers.

The plant was unveiled this week by GE Foundation, Centre for Public Health and Development and Assist International.

“We are excited to tackle the oxygen supply problem and hope to impact many lives through this sustainable model,” said Dr David Barash, GE Foundation chief medical officer.

Majority of district hospitals in Kenya buy or filter their own oxygen because it’s expensive to set up a plant.


Medical oxygen is used to aid breathing for patients with respiratory challenges, especially in theatre, obstetrics, and intensive care units. It is also used to treat ailments like pneumonia.

The oxygen produced at Siaya County Referral Hospital will also be supplied to adjacent healthcare facilities in western Kenya. The construction of the plant is part of GE foundation project dubbed ‘Hewa-Tele’ which seeks to expand oxygen supply in rural facilities.

“It is so important that GE and its partners are here opening the first oxygen production plant that will provide oxygen to district hospitals in Kenya. Together, we will give every child a chance,” said Mrs Margaret Kenyatta during the launch of the plant in Kisumu.

The increase in use of oxygen reduces death among children by 35 per cent. GE Foundation is building a similar oxygen plant in Rwanda.

The Foundation is also involved in increasing the use of continuous positive airway pressure across Africa improving survival rates of infants with respiratory challenges.