Wananchi raises Zuku TV, Internet monthly fees

Fees, which become effective on February 15, have been increased by between two and 15 per cent. PHOTO | FILE
Fees, which become effective on February 15, have been increased by between two and 15 per cent. PHOTO | FILE 

Wananchi Group, the owners of Zuku TV and Internet brand, has increased its monthly subscription charges for television and broadband by between two and 15 per cent.

The new rates, which become effective on February 15, will see subscribers of the Infinite package pay Sh4,499 per month up from Sh4,099 for both TV programmes and 15 megabits per second (Mbps) of Internet up from the previous speed of 10Mbps.

Subscribers of 20Mbps will now receive 30Mbps at Sh5,699 up from Sh5,299, which translates to a 7.5 per cent price increase.

Zuku said customers on its Premium plan will pay an extra Sh300 or Sh500 depending on Internet capacity. Customers who were previously on the Internet capacity of 10Mbps will now pay Sh4,799 up from Sh4,299 but get an extra 5Mbps.

Those on 20Mbps will get 30Mbps for Sh5,799 monthly, up from Sh5,499 while those on 50Mbps will receive 60Mbps at Sh10,499 up from Sh9,999.


This means that Zuku subscribers’ bills will rise from mid this month, inflating their overall entertainment and business budgets.

“We continue making investments in our network and technology providing our customers more value for their money, to that end we have embraced aggressive capacity development,” said Wananchi Group head of corporate affairs Kathleen Openda, in response to the Business Daily’s queries.

“To effectively appreciate this enhancement, being 50 per cent faster speeds and unlimited downloads, the customer shall enjoy much more at a slight price increase.”

The hardest hit by the new pricing are SMEs and corporate firms which use Zuku fibre or fixed Internet. Zuku has increased the prices in this categories by between Sh700 and Sh2,000 per month.

The office package for SME and corporates, with 10Mbps, which costs Sh6,999 will rise to Sh7,699 for 15Mbps.

Businesses that are on 20Mbps at Sh9,999 will receive 30Mbps at Sh10,999 and the office package of 50Mbps which costs Sh12,999 will receive 60Mbps for Sh14,999 translating to a 15.4 per cent increase.

Last September Zuku cut its monthly subscription fees for its Internet, pay TV and telephone services by Sh200 after introducing the Zuku Infinite package.

The introduction of the package saw customers either subscribe for Internet and telephone services or Internet and pay TV, or take a third option which has telephone, Internet and pay TV bundled together.

Previously, subscribers had no option but to pay for all the three services even when they did not require all of them.

The new pricing now puts Zuku’s offering almost at par with DStv, which also in September increased its monthly subscription fees by between 13 per cent and 15 per cent.

The company attributed the rise in charges to the depreciating shilling. DStv packages do not however include Internet connection.