Youth make wind turbines to power slums

A US-based organisation has teamed up with youth from Nakuru to make wind turbines for lighting up slums and rural areas.

Village Technologies which had worked with youth from Kibera slums is now in Elburgon to empower youth in electricity generation.

“The initiative helps spark creativity among the Kenyan youth. Students will gain the knowledge necessary to build projects that can help their communities by using locally available materials,” said Mingming Jiang of Village Technologies.

Elburgon Youth Sacco Society is one of the beneficiaries of the wind power project that started nine months ago in Kenya.

The youth are building wind turbines to serve Marioshoni, Kapsita, Kasarani and Eastleigh areas in Nakuru for powering computers, TVs and radios to light up homes.

“These areas have never had access to electricity and we are constructing wind turbines where one turbine will serve 10 families. We will be charging Sh50 for every family a month,” Peter Kagotho, the group chairman said.

The youth use about Sh35,000 and locally available materials to make a wind turbine. Village Technologies also works with youth in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Ms Mingming said the aim of the initiative is to equip youth with skills and resources to develop low-tech infrastructure like wind turbines, biogas generators that can help communities.