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Do what you must to fulfil your action plan

If halfway through the year your to-do-list remains largely unfulfiled, be encouraged you still have time to achieve your dreams. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH
If halfway through the year your to-do-list remains largely unfulfiled, be encouraged you still have time to achieve your dreams. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH 

We are right at the middle of the year – a shorter year than most owing to the fervent electioneering.

You did map out your year very well, but your life seems to reflect a perfect example of inverse proportion because your to-do list seems to grow wildly while your action-plan remains untouched.

You are on your seventh year of employment with the company without any promise of upward movement.

To make it worse, there are team members whose behinds you’d like to give a good walloping if you could get away with it because they seem to work more at you than with you.

Look; you are a celebrated top-performer. You have a wealth of valuable organisational history after all these years, you have a somewhat senior title, but you’re not moving up even though you know you can.

You might have the polar opposite of that scenario – the company finally recognise your value and elevate you. You’re a director, have a better pay package, lots of visibility, but you have absolutely no idea how to manage your new position.

Worse still, you would rather die than admit it to anyone. All you need is a committed person working with you to help you tie it together and exceed yourself.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of entrepreneurship for too long. All your talk of going out on your own has become a song that everyone around you knows the lyrics by heart.

The prospect is scary, but no one can help you erase the fear. You only need to learn how to use fear to fuel your ambition.

Maybe you’re at that certain age, unmarried, divorced, the children have left home and you simply do not understand what it is you’re supposed to do with yourself.

Oh and it doesn’t help that your ex seems to be having the time of his/her life and you have taken to plodding along life wearing that faraway look. There are too many indicators of life passing you by. I want you to understand that it is not over until you win.

With all this, you forget to take care of yourself. You wake up, take a bath (hopefully!), apply petroleum jelly on the visible parts of your skin, throw on a garment or two and unleash yourself onto the world.

You are not work-ready this way. Listen; if heads do not turn and eyes roll in awe when you walk into a room, go back home and get properly washed up, groomed and clothed.

It means that your appearance is nothing to write home about. I know this stings, but you are not getting a chance to showcase any strength or skill if you cannot grab anyone’s attention on their first look at you.

Like it or not, the world loves to look at and be associated with great-looking things, places and people. If any part of the world is your market, look the part.

Whatever else you do during the remaining months of 2017, you owe it to yourself to accomplish your action-plan.

Get your body working at optimum and power up your wheels to dig you out of that rut. Learn how to influence those you need to by showcasing more of your skills.

Live life from the intangible superior side of you. If you are dreaming of claiming your financial independence, you will never be fulfilled by being paid to work for and create someone else’s dream.

Here’s to a more fruitful rest of the year.