For a quick hearty lunch, Nargis could be the place

Fast and efficient service - that’s what everyone needs during that short lunch break out of the office.

If you aren’t a fan of ‘carry-me-lunch boxes’ or the usual ‘matumbo and ugali’ joints that Mama Kamaus are most famous for, then there might be a place around Westlands area enticing enough to have you forget the hustle of looking for a hearty meal.

Nargis, a restaurant well-known for its Indian favourites, is well worth a visit. Located just a few minutes from the busy Sarit Centre, it is a welcome relief from the human traffic that fills the streets hungrily in search of a quick, wholesome bite.

Parking is ample and seating is readily available, which as always, is a huge plus. It is also a neighbourhood favourite and once in a while, you might see a familiar face among the clients that frequent the place.

Waiters seem used to the busy hour and menus are immediately placed on your table for perusal. It isn’t a huge menu; on the contrary Nargis makes it easy for you to pick your meal without having to mull over what you’ll eat.

For Indian cuisine, and especially a few selections from the tandoor, the secret lies in the marinating. Meats can only maintain their tenderness or juicy flavours with the right kind of marinades.

Nargis, a master and a long time veteran on the same, executes this quite well. Priding itself on having the best chicken tikka in town as well as a special ‘Secret Sauce’ recipe used in the marinades, we were tempted enough to find out whether this was the case.

For starters, we ordered the paneer roll, Daal bhajias, chicken wings and a side plate of masala chips. It is advisable to specify the degree of spice so as not to suffer a tearful meal. But I’m happy to announce that our orders came on time, were delicious and flavourful.

On embarking on the mains, and obviously confused for choice because all the barbecue dishes looked delicious, a friendly waiter suggested we try the family platter. Large enough to comfortably feed four, we were more than happy to consent to that.

The family platter consists of a bit of everything from the tandoor so this way we were sure to sample almost all the meats. And we were not disappointed. All the selections were tender and served with some Indian sauces to enhance the flavours. Served with a small portion of chips or naan if you prefer that, this is a pocket-friendly way of enjoying the menu.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, Nargis does cater for the vegetarian community as well. Savour selections such as potato bhajias, vegetable samosas and pies as well as a variety of naans and paneer rolls.

Prices are friendly. On average, be ready to spend about Sh1,500 for a home-made and hearty meal. Juices are fresh and drinks are pleasantly affordable. All in all, Nargis makes for a great lunch experience.

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