From hawker to banker, author tells how he did it

You do not have to meet Churchill Ochieng to hear his story. But his new book “From Hawker to Banker” will be an inspiration to the youth.

A regular motivational speaker in schools, especially in Nairobi’s slums, Mr Ochieng’ is looking to spread his simple message: “It is possible”.

His story is simple. He grew up in Kaloleni, Shauri-Moyo and Majengo estates — the backwaters of Nairobi.

But hard work and making the right choices has seen him rise from a hawker, and office cleaner to head of retail at a local bank.

“My story is about recovery and comeback but I want to make it more than that. I want to make a positive impact on the world. I want to motivate and hopefully inspire other people,” he says.

With the launch of his book, he hopes to spread his motivational message to a bigger audience.

The 140-paged book starts with his story —with snippets of the choices he made to ensure he succeeded— from arriving before the CEO to clean his office or not letting investigations into his conduct crash his drive.

The book targets the youths in and outside schools, colleges, churches, organisations and institutions urging them not to be average people and to come out of their comfort zones.

His focus on the youth is because they are the future leaders and success of country lies in their hands. He points out the folly of the current generation which he says is the mentality that success comes instantly.

“Success does not come in an instant. The power is within you and the choice is yours. It come from daily efforts and the choices; large and small, which add up over time. Don’t make excuses,” says Mr Ochieng’.

He gives talks in functions like Fashion Cafe, Nairobi Haute Couture and he will scheduled to be at the 2012 Miss and Mr USIU crowning event.

“From Hawker to Banker” took him four years to complete. Juggling work and school was not an easy task and with his current job as the head of retail banking at Faulu Kenya, the juggling continues as he is still pursuing his MBA at the University of Nairobi.

He gives his talks during the weekends at Team Events, during holidays or in the evenings.

In 2008, he saw the opportunity to start the A+ Group to manage his mission which is to help people discover their true passion and purpose in life so as to live it to the fullest.

“I have been a leader since I was young urging people to soldier on despite pitfalls in life and I realise most people look up to me as their role model and this is the reason for taking the talks to the next level,” says Mr Ochieng’.

By his account and experience, the youth are the easiest to talk to so long as one understands, knows and feels what they feel. He has discovered that they really want role models to look up to and to guide and direct them in their lives.

On the book cover, he writes “results are rewarded. Efforts are not”. This means that in all that we do we must be focused and its only results that are measured for one to achieve success.

“It is through self belief, courage and persistence that I made it in life and my message is simple—stay motivated, inspired and be passionate in everything you.”