Joyce Mbaya: Woman who aspires to transform lives

Joyce Mbaya, Founder/Author, Gibebe Ltd. Courtesy
Joyce Mbaya, Founder/Author, Gibebe Ltd. Photo/Courtesy 

Gibebe is a loose derivative of the Kiswahili word, Jibebe; meaning to uplift, improve or transform yourself. In essence, Joyce is the bearer of a message that aspires to inspire and transform lives.

She gives talks in seminars and groups (in 2011, she “curtain raised” for Robin Sharma). In 2008, she was one of the three Kenyan representatives in the business reality show, Apprentice Africa.

She has authored a book – Gibebe - that promises to take a reader into the exciting world of self-discovery. Her talks are ever grappling with themes like “mind power”, “Purpose and vision” and “who am I?” It’s this last one I’m most interested in.

We meet in her office at the NHIF building where she glides into her boardroom wearing an officious black skirt, purple blouse that matches the jacket sleeve of her new book.