Murang'a governor seeks Sh50m to fight unemployment and enhance security

Murang’a Governor Francis Mwangi is seeking approval of Sh50 million to invest in uplifting lives of the poor.

Beneficiaries of the funds will be aged between 18 and 60 years. Those over 60- years- old will benefit from credit facilities such as the Murang’a Investment Co-operative Society, which Mr Mwangi has initiated.

Those unable to venture into business due to old age will benefit from a kitty set up for the elderly. Sh10m will be used to buy grade cows for youth groups.

Mr Mwangi said Sh4 million will be used to buy women groups two tractors to help them win construction tenders.

Further, Sh5m will to go towards setting up a co-operative society for youths working in the boda boda transport sector. In his memorandum to the County Assembly, Mr Mwangi said the unemployed pose a major threat to the county’s wealth creation projections.

Some of the money will go towards improving security through the purchase of five patrol vehicles for the police.


The money will also go towards buying 11 ambulances. “It is of major importance that the county seeks to uplift those down the economic ladder if we harbour any aspirations of achieving our overall growth projections,” Mr Mwangi said.

He told the Business Daily that he had directed the Social Services Department to group women and youths in self -help groups so as to benefit from the programme.
“We will start by issuing dairy cows to youth groups. The proceeds will be used to service their loans,” he said.