New EAC boss spells out priority areas

Dr Richard Sezibera, takes the oath of office in Dar es Salaam as secretary general. Photo/KNA
Dr Richard Sezibera, takes the oath of office in Dar es Salaam as secretary general. Photo/KNA 

The newly appointed East African Community (EAC) Secretary General, Ambassador Dr Richard Sezibera has said that his focus will be to strengthen and drive the community programmes to success.

Speaking after being sworn in, Dr Sezibera said there was a need for the partner states to support the idea and make sure the community reaches its goals as planned.

He said his main duties will be to push for the complete establishment of east Africa common market and put it into practice.

“I expect the partner states to support me in ensuring the implementation of the community programmes,” said Dr Sezibera.

He noted that his other duty will be to facilitate the integration and make sure all wananchi within the community are well informed and aware of the EAC programmes and activities.

On what EAC people should expect from him, the new Secretary General said his commitment to work for the community was one among the important issues that would move the community development ahead.

“I am committed to work for the East African people, it makes me very proud and courageous,” said Dr Sezibera.

He added that east African people must understand that the community was in the safe hands and that all programmes and agenda will continue effectively and successively.

Speaking on regional peace and security, Dr Sezibera said there was a need for the Head of states to always meet and discuss the security situation in their areas and solve both political and social-economic problems.

“What is going on in Arab countries, Somalia and other areas is just an indication that the African countries need to meet and discuss on what to do to solve such problems,” said Dr Sezibera.

He added that the EAC was one among many countries affected by political crisis in Africa through being a recipient of asylum-seeking refugees.

“Kenya is one of the countries that are receiving hundreds of refugees from Somalia, the EAC heads of states need to deliberate on how to solve these problems for the better future of wananchi and their nations at large,” said the EAC boss.

Earlier, the outgoing SG, Mr Juma Mwapachu said his successor was a strong man, courageous and committed to serve the community.


Speaking during his hand-over speech, Mr Mwapachu assured East African people that the community has been left in safe hands.

“I am very happy and confident that I hand over the office to a hard worker and a committed man, I am sure that I have left the EAC in safe hands and we should all expect great things in future,” said Mr Mwapachu.

However, Mr Mwapachu said during his tenure, the EAC has made a great progress and that it was obvious the new SG will push forward for more achievements.

The ninth extraordinary summit that brought heads of East African countries appointed Mr Enos Bukuku from Tanzania as deputy EAC secretary general and Justice Isaac Lenaola as Judge of the East Africa court of Justice.