Support Kenya WTO bid

The move by the State to nominate a candidate to vie for the top post of the World Trade Organisation is commendable.

Times have changed and postings to such key multilateral development institutions should no longer be perceived as a preserve for individuals from developed countries alone.

Developing countries today boast of an advanced human resource development capacity that enables them to present candidates who would readily handle such international jobs. Kenya is not an exception and we need to encourage more of our homegrown talent to apply for such high profile jobs.

Political goodwill is, however, vital at times when trying to land jobs in multilateral organisations. This requires active participation by the Government in lobbying other countries to back its nominee.

It is therefore important that we put in place an elaborate structure through which competent individuals are picked as candidates for various international positions and marketed among other nations to win their support.

Selfish political machinations have in the past denied deserving individuals a chance to vie for international jobs. Such rot must not be allowed to prevail at time when the race for jobs is becoming more competitive. All qualified Kenyans should be backed for international appointments.