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Power Lunch at Park Inn’s Attic

The Attic rooftop barat the recently opened Park Inn on Elgon Road, Westlands. PHOTO | COURTESY
The Attic rooftop barat the recently opened Park Inn on Elgon Road, Westlands. PHOTO | COURTESY  

The stunning view of the city is the first thing I saw when I walked into The Attic rooftop bar at the recently opened Park Inn along Elgon Road, Westlands.

Hypnotised by the view, all I could manage was a soft ‘wow’.

The iconic ‘tablet-shaped’ Park Inn is owned by the Rezidor Hotel Group and is their third hotel in East Africa.

The interior is colourful and dynamic with a contemporary design and architecture.

The Attic rooftop bar is a cozy area with stylish decor that transforms into an intimate space at sunset.

From the wooden panels that cut across the ceiling to the re-purposed logs used as tables, this spacious lounge boasts of a relaxed ambiance, perfect for unwinding.

Picture yourself perched on the 11th floor as you soak in the aerial view of Nairobi.

Sipping on your favourite drink or indulging in a gratifying meal, you watch the gruesome Nairobi traffic build up and slowly ease down.

Dessert Tiramisu. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH

Dessert Tiramisu. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH

Their business lunch menu is creatively crafted encompassing hearty and light meals. The starters include a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian salads and soups.

The main course options include the rib-eye steak, battered fish, vegetarian lasagna and a club sandwich, triple layered with chicken, egg mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce with a side of chips.

Dessert options consist of tiramisu, sticky toffee and date pudding with caramelised bananas and toffee sauce, fruit salad and ice cream.

To start, I had the crunchy, creamy and fresh Caesar salad. The crispy pieces of bacon added and exciting punch of flavour and texture which complemented the fresh lettuce.

The portions of the salad were generous, bringing the lunch to a good start. My companion had broccoli soup served with crusty bread.

It was warm, rich and the dash of cream made it all the more comforting.

For the main course, I had a medium done rib-eye steak with fries and my friend had the battered fish with fries.



The rib –eye steak was succulent. It was served with the steak sauce, and fries. The steak was tender although I felt both the steak and the sauce could have done with some more seasoning.

The fries were huge and crunchy on the outside with a tangy kick- there was absolutely no need for ketchup. The battered fish was light and crisp with a billowy texture.

We couldn’t leave without having dessert, and boy was it a treat! The tiramisu was rich and creamy and lived up to its Italian translation ‘pick-me-up’.

It was elegant and richly layered, definitely one to remember. The business lunch offer at The Attic starts from 12pm to 2pm on weekdays.