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Tiramisu Bakery is as sweet as it sounds


It has mouth-watering bread and pies, baked fresh every morning. PHOTO | COURTESY

Food courts have long been synonymous with shopping malls, but new ones have come up in urban centres, changing the way we think about communal dining spaces.

Rather than an assemblage of standard chain vendors, these food courts or ‘restaurant markets’ are home to dozens of unique food purveyors, and where most of the cuisine uses fresh ingredients and is made to order.

But perhaps what’s most appealing about this new wave of food courts is both the variety and quality of their offerings. And speaking about quality offerings, if you’ve recently been to the Village Market, specifically the food court area, maybe you’ve noticed a quaint little bakery called Tiramisu. And it’s not just any food court— food shop; it’s a dessert heaven, full of decadent surprises.

On one fine Saturday morning, I was happy to sample some of the delicious meals on offer. Managed by Harveen, the one-year-old Tiramisu is already a favourite of many of the Mall’s frequent visitors.

Mouth-watering breads

Why? It could be because of the wide array of mouth-watering breads and pies baked fresh every morning or maybe the cupcakes, gingerly sitting behind the display glass waiting for someone to grab them and take them home. Whatever the reason, they are definitely doing something right.

I’ve always been a dessert person. Well, let’s be honest, I’m an everything person when it comes to food, but if you gave me my choice, dessert would win out. Not candy, sugary stuff, but decadent chocolaty cakes, fruit-filled pies, creamy ice creams and custards, those would be my pick.

I’m happy to say that Tiramisu fulfils all my sweet-tooth cravings and more! I was particularly blown away by the blueberry cheesecake. It had just the right amount of sweetness and the oh-so-creamy texture that would leave most cheesecake lovers craving for more. And dare I not forget to mention the fluffy muffins that could have well been made of angel tears. Delicious!

Italian influence

The pastries are carefully made with a bit of Italian influence and you can tell how good the chef is by their Cannolo Sicilaiano, a type of wafer biscuit filled with a smooth ricotta cream and candied peel. The fruit tarts should also be on your bucket list.

If you’re not excited about dessert, how about you indulging in the wide choice of perfectly toasted sandwiches? Available for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, selections such as the turkey sandwich or the grilled vegetable sandwich with spicy olives might tickle your fancy. Wash this down with their freshly squeezed refreshing orange juice or extremely heavenly hot chocolate (you’ll thank me later).

Signature cake

I couldn’t end this review without talking about Tiramisu’s signature Tiramisu cake. Yes, the pastry shop lives up to its own name, because their Tiramisu is truly to die for. Honestly, you have no excuse of missing out because they also do deliveries!
So, next time you visit Village Market, make Tiramisu your first stop.

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