Travel apps to use this Easter holiday

Our mobile phones have become part and parcel of our lives. The Easter weekend will be no exception with users tied to the devices for media, telephone services or the endless list of apps that have been down loaded into the device.

Travel apps have now become the go to guide for travellers. The place to get information on the weather, hotels, nearby banks among other things.

Nokia recently unveiled a range of apps to suit travellers on its windows 8 platform including Carlson Wagonlit Travel To Go, Trip Expenses, Team Viewer, GoTo Meeting and XE Currency Converter. Most of these are available for Android phones and iPhones.

Some of the apps to look at this Easter:

Carlson Wagonlit Travel To Go: This is a travel planner in your pocket. It allows users to book trips, get real-time flight notifications, view maps, and check in on more than 250 airlines and share itineraries with colleagues.

The app is available to all business travellers whose companies are Carlson Wagonlit customers. The app is perfect for people who want all their travel docs at hand.

Trip Expenses app: It saves and stores users’ expense information either for current and past trips, including photographs of receipts.

The great news for business travellers is the fact that it can deal with multiple currencies, and one only have to be online in order to email their expenses to someone.

Team Viewer app: It enables one to access documents from anywhere in the world.

Safe and secure because of its excellent encryption and authentication standards, Team Viewer is fast and most user-friendly of all the remote access apps.

GoToMeeting app: It enables one to plan meetings to avoid missing or having a clashing schedule. With this free app one can join a meeting with his or her Nokia Lumia on any continent, by just tapping a link on an email or a calendar appointment.

Alcoblow Watch: It will come in handy for revellers who may have exhausted their alcohol quota. The app is available in the playstore.

XE Currency: This is the app to go for if you looking for currency conversion. Apart from just an accurate currency conversion app, it provides the historic rates for the currency.

You can monitor different currencies simultaneously and rate the highs and lows of the currency before even planning the trip. It can be used offline. It is available of both the iOS platform, Windows mobile and the Android platform.

KQ Flight timetable: Have your own timetable of the national carrier’s timetable by having the app in your phone. The app is supposed to make the travel experience more comfortable and offer you all the information you need directly to your mobile device.

Kayak which compares different travel sites to find you the best deal. This usually includes hotel, flight and car search. The app goes as far as to track your flight status and manage your itinerary.

Packing Pro: We’ve all gone through it -- half way to the airport you remember you’ve forgotten to pack something essential. Or even worse, arriving at the airport to realize your passport has expired.

Clumsy travel “accidents” are common, and hard to avoid. Packing Pro tries to help.

With Packing Pro’s customizable lists, users can plan what to bring for every type of trip, from a luxurious family holiday to a budget back packing adventure.

The newly upgraded Packing Pro can be synced over iCloud and lists can be shared via email.

Google Maps app: It offers faster and more navigation options such as a transit route with less walking and provides live traffic or accident information enroute.

Travellers can also save places on their maps and look for and share recommendations — shopping and eating venues for instance — nearby.

Some indoor maps for larger buildings like shopping malls and museums are available as well. It is available in the iOS app store, on Android and on Windows Phone.

TripAdvisor: If you have used the website, the app is not that much different. The app allows you to browse reviews, opinions, videos and candid photos by travellers.

It adds the function to explore restaurant food types, price range and rating.