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UNICAF – Empowering Africa


UNICAF is the largest and most generous Scholarship Programme available for African Students for internationally recognized Degrees.

The programme supports students that are domiciled in Africa and provides opportunities for studies towards various high quality, distance learning degree programmes awarded by European universities, at a fraction of the cost.

The UNICAF Scholarship Programme was founded to offer gifted, underprivileged students from Africa the opportunity of furthering their education by studying towards internationally accredited qualifications.

The University of Nicosia, one of Europe’s largest independent Higher Education Institutions, has a long tradition of welcoming African Students to its campuses and has offered assistive scholarships for decades.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, the University of Nicosia is ideally placed as a hub for Europe, Asia and Africa – it has a prestigious reputation as a pioneering University with an academic tradition rooted in US and UK collaborations.

For example, it has pioneered Cyprus’ first Medical School in collaboration with the renowned St. George’s Teaching Hospital of the University of London.

Another great innovation has been the development of distance learning programmes that can be studied on line, anywhere at any time to the convenience of those that would normally not be able to attend a traditional campus owing to family or work commitments, or because of the remoteness of access.

This tradition of innovation of student support has now been formalised into the UNICAF Scholarship Scheme which has been specifically designed to help African students studying at a distance or through blended learning.

Thousands of African students have benefited from these scholarship opportunities and it is hoped that the formalisation and promotion of the UNICAF programme will assist 10s of thousands of students in the near future to reach their potential through opening up access to programmes of study that would otherwise remain out of reach.

The combination of flexible, distributed learning that can be accessed through mobile technologies, and scholarship assistance through the UNICAF scholarship programme represents a watershed of educational opportunity in Africa.

The UNICAF Scholarship programme offers assistance of up to 80% of the cost of the degree programme which can be worth approximately $10,000.

UNICAF provides an important access route not only to University of Nicosia programmes, but also a range of awards offered through its many collaborative partnerships with top European Universities and also those within the United States. 

The European Higher Education Area’s progressive Higher Education Policy allows awards and credits to be recognised across the tertiary and higher education sector and through UNICAF, African students are being offered the opportunity of accessing European.

Awards, recognised globally as a gold standard that will boost both employment opportunities and help professional skills capacity building.

Once seen as a poor relation to 'proper' degrees delivered face-to-face, technological and pedagogical advances ensure now that a distinction is no longer drawn between the two modes of study.

Indeed all awards that UNICAF scholarships support are identical to those that can be obtained on campus and carry exactly the same currency as those obtained in a lecture hall setting on campus.

State of the art virtual learning environments now allow complete interaction with peers and professors and for the full evolution of academic learning communities to nurture learning and skills building.

The primary objective of the UNICAF Scholarships Programme is to make education affordable for students from Africa as we believe that it is through education that we can best help to alleviate the poverty of educational opportunities in Africa.

UNICAF( helps provide access to African students to pursue advanced academic studies and to earn internationally recognized qualifications by studying through distance and supported open learning.

The vast majority of UNICAF scholarship students are able to make a significant contribution to their home countries on completion of their studies, and in many cases at the highest level.