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Educate young Kenyans on benefits of starting to save early for retirement

Last month started off with a global celebration — the International Day for Older Persons. It is marked annually across the world, ostensibly to draw attention to the challenges and negative misconceptions about older people and the process of ageing.

While here is Kenya a number of events bringing together older people took place to highlight their plight, this particular day brought home the harsh reality of life for ageing people.

Leading a normal life becomes harder, the older one gets. In addition to maintaining the lifestyle one was used to in younger, stronger working years, there are also the health issues to contend with.

The good thing is that as a nation, we have already recognised that this aspect of having a larger aging population is a growing problem, and we need to address it both a policy level for those who are already elderly and at an individual level for the younger Kenyans who need to prepare better for this eventuality.