EDITORIAL: Logbooks move welcome

The National Transport and Safety Authority’s (NTSA) decision to bring to a close the manual transfer of car ownership documents – popularly known as logbooks – is laudable.

This is because it not only deepens Kenya’s position as a technologically savvy economy, but also more critically helps the country deal with corruption – one of the country’s most intractable challenges.

Ending manual processing of logbooks comes with the silver bullet of removing or reducing human involvement in the transfers and hence eliminating opportunities for bureaucrats to hide files and extort money from citizens to “find it”.

Digital processing of logbooks also eliminates the opportunity to ask for money “to push the files through the long chain of signatures that are often required for such services.

Besides, the linking of the online logbook transfers with digital payment systems has the effect of sealing most of the loopholes through which revenue leakages occur.

Ultimately, all these facets of gains have the impact of cutting the cost to citizens – in time and money – of accessing government services and most importantly improves the country’s ease of doing business, a key factor in the quest to grow and modernize the economy by attracting both local and foreign investment.

This is a move in the right direction that we can only hope many other State agencies will follow.