EDITORIAL: Hasten power project


Kenya Power technicians at work. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Connecting about 500,000 homes to the national electricity grid under the Last Mile Connectivity Project supported by the World Bank and the African Development Bank is no mean achievement.

According to Kenya Power, 494,374 families have been connected under the subsidy. However, considering that the goal was to connect more than one million homes to electricity under the project, there is still a lot of work to be done even as the energy sector anticipates the audit of the first phase of the project.

However, we need to emphasise what the company has observed; that connecting the rural shopping centres has helped the areas to “transform quite fast”.

Based on this, we appeal to the parties involved in the project to ensure that those remaining in darkness get power and also ensure that the connections are reliable so as to improve the quality of their lives, their businesses and the economy.

When rural areas have reliable power, small enterprises and traders thrive and help in the creation of jobs and ensuring both social and financial security. We urge the government and the funding agencies to ensure the project runs to its logical conclusion and that the 1.02 million targeted get power as promised.