EDITORIAL: Involve all in security


We must stay vigilant in public space. FILE PHOTO | NMG

The security caution issued to Americans on Friday by the US Embassy in Nairobi should serve as wake-up call for security agencies and Kenyans to be more vigilant about the possibility of another terrorist attack.

Given the last two attacks in the past fortnight, it is evident that these are no ordinary times. Indeed, a similar warning ought to have come from the Kenyan government to ordinary citizens as well because they might come across information that could pre-empt another attack.

Just like the US requires of its citizens, Kenyans cannot be merely satisfied with expecting security agencies alone to contain those with ill intentions against the country. Kenyans should continue to demonstrate a high sense of situational awareness of their surroundings at all time.

We must stay vigilant in public space. That an IED went off in the city on Saturday night, injuring two people and causing a security secure just days after the January 15 terrorist attack that left 21 people dead speaks to the need for continued vigilance and public education about safety precautions.

Every citizen should be encouraged and educated to play their role in keeping terrorists and other criminals at bay.