EDITORIAL: Riverside reopening timely

Dusit hotel complex
Part of the Dusit hotel complex in Nairobi that was attacked by terrorists last week. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The speed at which access to 14 Riverside office complex in Nairobi has been granted after last week’s terrorist attack is a testament of the resilience of the business community and its determination to rise again and defy terrorism.

The bold move not only saves tenants time and money, it also sets the stage for the return to normal operations for firms and organisations that wish to stay as well as those that intend to move on. It is telling that there are many who have resolved to stay.

Compare this to the two years it took for businesses to resume after the Westgate attack and one begins to comprehend what this reopening means for businesses. It was also good news for car owners who had abandoned their vehicles after the raid. They can now get them back.

Also to be commended are the large number of global brands who have made it clear that the attack will not cow them into relocating.

They have re-affirmed that Nairobi remains East Africa’s business hub for them, which is a major vote of confidence in the city. What the country should now focus on is how to thwart acts of people whose only agenda is to drive a wedge between nations, religions and races.