EDITORIAL: Stay safe over Easter

A policeman at an accident scene
A policeman at an accident scene. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Easter holiday season is here, and as is the national tradition, hundreds of thousands of Kenyans will be hitting the road to spend time with their loved ones, with most travellers heading upcountry.

It is an unusually busy season on Kenyan roads, significantly raising the probability of road crashes, partly due to carelessness among road users as well as inadequate or poor policing.

However, this season does not have to be routine period of carnage on Kenyan roads. There is need for all road users to be more vigilant, plan their journeys in advance and be patient and courteous to others to prevent crashes and make roads safer. In the past, the Easter weekend has been characterised by news of fatal crashes, largely due to fatigue by motorists and a large number of drivers using unfamiliar routes, with many driving cars whose road-worthiness is subject to debate.

Road safety is a collective responsibility. Even as we call upon the police to be more vigilant in enforcing the law, we must remind all travelers, to put safety first and be mindful of other road users to reduce, and if possible, prevent carnage on the roads during this festive season.