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EDITORIAL: End loggers, State row

The ongoing war of words between loggers and the Kenya Forest Service does not augur well for the sector. On one hand the millers are demanding that they be refunded Sh93 million while the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources insists that they owe it Sh1 billion.

The saw millers are demanding their money after the ministry extended a ban on logging by another 12 months.

The millers argue that they had paid the money before the ban on logging two years ago. But the forest agency insists that now saw miller has filed an official complaint on any debt.

While it is imperative that we protect our forests from destruction so as to save our environment, the onus is on the government and the millers to work in tandem.

The government has announced that a multi-agency team will map, verify and value mature trees before logging is allowed to resume.


All the stakeholders should not forget that at the heart of the matter is to ensure that we protect our forests by increasing the country’s cover while monitoring mature trees that are fit for logging. The ball is on their court.