LETTERS: Shame of Nyayo Highrise dry taps

 water vendor
The vast estate relies on water vendors. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

For a long time, Nyayo Highrise Estate along Mbagathi Way has suffered unequal distribution of water in Nairobi. Whether there is official water rationing or not, residents have been receiving water twice in a week; partially on Saturdays and Sundays.

In the recent past, the situation has shifted from bad to worse; we now get supplies on Sundays. This, according to the technical officers, was a directive from above. This is an infamous statement used to convince a victim of an injustice that nothing can be done to alter the status quo.

Assuming you are a Kenyan, you will agree with me that most households do general cleaning on Saturdays. Sunday is a day of worship and general preparation for the week ahead.

So, the Sunday water schedule is quite inconsiderate and insensitive to families.

Will we proceed to our places of worship or wait to tap the commodity? When do we do our cleaning? Who will feed the families that rely on the rent should we decide to move to other estates? Who will you blame in case of a diseases outbreak?

This unrealistic rationing has made residents here to resort to water vendors who charge an arm and a leg for a 20-litre jerrican of water whose source is not known.

Nairobi Water officers need to get out of the comfort of their offices and come up with a workable and reasonable water rationing plan for residents before the situation gets out of hand.