How entrepreneur started his recruitment agency


Jobseekers in Nairobi. file photo | nmg

When in 1991, Muez Bilal jetted back into the country after completing his studies in India, the thought of starting a recruitment company was high on his head.

Two years later, Mr Bilal founded Alsaiar, a company with an eye on travel, recruitment and hospitality.

He had joined a relatively unexplored field alongside other firms like Alikhlas, Alhilal, Two Niles Alwatania, Jumaa Aamir and Manakib Agencies that were taking Kenyans to work in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE.

However, in 1996 a temporary freeze on the recruitment firms forced Mr Bilal moved to neighbouring Burundi where he tried his hand on aviation businesses handling passengers and cargo until 2008 when the global economic crisis forced him once again to return home and pursue his dreams of offering recruitment services.

“I saw a big demand for recruitment business in Kenya because unemployment numbers were so big and decided to contact my connections and companies that I was working with in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar where the reception was good,'' Mr Bilal says.

On what inspired the name, the soft-spoken Bilal says that it is an Arabic name that means ‘to move around and to continue with the struggle’.

Alshira Company helps Kenyans to travel to the Asian countries where demand for domestic workers is still high.

“We decided to have our own travel department to assist the candidates figure their way out rather than depending on others to assist our company in getting the flight bookings,” he says.

A successful recruitment earns the firm between Sh15,000 and Sh20,000 for every worker, a good return for the firm that has since majored on the recruitment services to the Arab nations.

Potential employers cater for air ticket, training, passport, food and accommodation and transport.

But despite the never-ending cases of domestic workers facing mistreatment in the Arab world, Mr Bilal remains upbeat and his recruitment firm is keen to ensure that its clients do not end up in distress abroad.

So far the agency has not had cases of any of its clients mistreated abroad.