Kenyan tech firm modernises Liberia’s revenue collection


One of the proposals in the Finance Bill 2023 is to abolish the waiver of penalties and interest. FILE PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

Liberia has successfully launched the Liberia Integrated Tax Administrative System or ITAS, courtesy of technical assistance from Farsight Africa Group – a Nairobi-headquartered strategic communications and technology firm.

The system, developed for the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) by Farsight Africa and Tunisian software partner, ArabSoft, will facilitate digital registration, online filing, and payment of tax returns.

LRA officers, who have received extensive training implementing and supporting the system, will use it for country-wide tax collection.

The new system is expected to increase revenue collection in Liberia and make tax filing easy and efficient for citizens, thus reducing the cost of compliance for taxpayers.

Moving tax filing to the digital space will mean that registration can be integrated with real-time authentication with institutions like National Identification Registry Liberia (NIRL).

Filing returns will be automated and feature real-time assessments, instant taxpayer feedback, and available 24/7 service covering Income tax (CIT and PIT), withholding taxes, royalties, and all other related government levies.

Payments can be made online at the taxpayer’s convenience, with banking institutions and mobile platforms already integrated and banking facilities extended to the taxpayers’ premises.

The new digital system is expected to not only increase revenue but also familiarize Liberians with online services, which is a step forward in the government’s plan to engage the population digitally in service provision.

Speaking during the project launch, project director, Mr Joel Gachomo, congratulated the team and noted that the achievement is a demonstration of Farsight's commitment to exceptional service quality to its clients.

He further lauded LRA for their cooperation in availing the resources needed to execute the project.

“We have dedicated ourselves to delivering this project in the last one and half years, and we are glad that we have finally launched this project at LRA”.