Keeping it real and other rules for producing golden content


To produce a good podcast, it is crucial for both podcasters and their guests to master basic etiquette. PHOTO | POOL

Podcasts are quickly gaining popularity in Kenya as an alternative platform for the sharing of information.

To produce a good podcast, it is crucial for both podcasters and their guests to master basic etiquette. BDLife spoke to some podcasters who let us in on the basic rules that have worked well for them in getting an audience for their podcasts.

“You do not have to have the best voice to capture the attention of the audience. What matters is the content that you give your audience,” Maryanne Kuria of the Audacity Podcast tells BDLife.

Here are some rules that you need to follow to ensure that your podcast grows.

Keep it real

“Tell the story as it is. Over time I have noticed that people are able to relate more with personalised stories than stories that are cooked up,” Tony Kibet says.

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He has been running the Sandwich Podcast with three of his friends since July 2020 and has managed to hit 800,000 plays allowing the group to make extra income through advertising different brands.

Do not attempt to be someone that you are not as listeners can easily detect that. “In our podcast, we tell the stories while giving our own personal experiences.” This, he has found works well to connect with their fans.

Engage your audience

Learning your target audience is the first step in establishing your podcasts. “Identify what you want to talk about, then identify who you want the message to reach. Your content should be in line with what your target audience is expecting,” Maryanne says.

Market your podcast

Marketing your podcast will help you attract listeners. “Do mass social media marketing. Embody your podcast like your personal brand,” advises Tony.

Make sure that your podcast is accessible to everyone. Ensure that your listeners can get you on all the platforms including Spotify, Anchor, Sound Cloud, and YouTube. This will help you maximise the number of people who interact with your content.

Create your podcast in a quiet room

When creating your podcast you need to ensure that you are in a conducive environment. “You do not want your audience to hear your phone ringing,” advises Maryanne. This makes you appear rude and can also affect the flow of the podcast episode.

“A simple Google search will tell you that the best place to record your sound is your closet,” says Maryanne. Do not record your podcast from a place where there will be an echo.

Do it in an enclosed place. If you can get a lapel microphone you will be able to improve your audio quality.

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Have a plan for the content you will create

Tony advises that one should research extensively before creating a podcast. “Make sure that your podcast is cast on something that you are very passionate about.”

Then prepare a list of the podcasts that you intend to publish within a specific period. It is advisable to have a bank of at least 5 episodes when you decide to launch your podcast to be able to attract more listeners to your podcast.

Keep time

“Unless you are facing a challenge, it is proper for you to ensure that you release the podcast as and when you had planned for its release,” says Maryanne.

Having a consistent upload schedule only shows respect for your audience who may have been waiting for your content.

Complement each other

Where you podcast with a panel, Tony advises that it is only proper for you to be in sync with one another. “Be courteous enough not to unnecessarily interrupt the other person.”

Part of owning your brand requires that you work together as a team. Being good friends even before starting the podcast Tony says has helped his team to maintain a rapport throughout their podcast episodes. “Also bringing humour into the conversation helps to lighten the mood and capture the attention of the audience.”

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