KPA must give every citizen equal chance

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has admitted that one tribe dominates its workforce against the Constitution and an Act of Parliament.

According to the KPA boss, William Ruto, the anomaly is possibly a product of absorbing the 263 employees that worked for the defunct Kenya Ferry Service which had 123 workers from one ethnic group.

Although Mr Ruto says that historically most workers were employed as casuals, giving local people a jobs advantage, we believe the KPA is now old enough to unravel some of the weaknesses that marked its formative years.

The Cohesion and Integration Act was enacted in 2008 while the Constitution – both saying no single tribe should take up more than a third of an institution’s workforce— was promulgated two years later, giving all the State agencies enough room so far to recruit in line with the diversity principle.

We remind the authorities that the KPA is a national outfit that should obey and be seen to obey the law on a matter as crucial as talent composition that directly determines its success or failure.

We ask the KPA to come up with a formula to correct such illegality as soon as possible.