Wrong time for MPs to demand fatter perks


Reports that the recently elected Members of Parliament are clamouring for more perks, even before they can settle down to work are unfortunate.

Equally disturbing are the revelations by the Controller of Budget that the Presidency splashed half a billion shillings on travel during the three months to June, suggesting much of it was spent on election campaigns.

Such blatant wastage of taxpayers’ money must stop now if Kenya is to realise significant economic growth.

Kenyans are burdened by the high cost of fuel and food and it is selfish of the MPs to seek reinstatement of the Sh1 billion that they were set to forgo with a review of their sitting allowances by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

The public sector wage bill is currently at Sh930.5 billion and an MP earns a salary of Sh710,000, including a Sh134,000 house allowance. This is no less than they deserve to be paid.

We would also like to think that politicians care about what their constituents want. With Kenyans dying of hunger, the politicians must tame their greed, and have the monies channelled to development and essential public services.