Fly540 boss grilled over disabled client

Fly540 management Thursday denied claims that the airline declined to assist a disabled client disembark from one of their aircraft.

Fly540’s operations director Nixon Ooko told a joint parliamentary committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunities sitting Thursday that the client, Bishop Jackson Kosgei, had declined help from staff.

He said claims that the airline is to blame for making the Worldwide Gospel Church of Kenya clergyman crawl from the plane were untrue.

He said the bishop was annoyed when staff attending to him requested to physically carry him down the airline’s two-metre ramp because they did not have equipment to assist him.

“He was upset and refused to be physically assisted to disembark from the plane. He remained on his seat, making phone calls for a long time,” said Mr Ooko.

The bishop wanted to be provided with an aisle chair, which is a specially designed wheelchair capable of fitting down the narrow aisles of the aircraft that he had boarded on May 11, this year, from Moi International Airport Eldoret. Eventually, he was forced to crawl.

Mr Ooko said the bishop has been a frequent customer since 2008 and this was not the first time he was insisting on having things done ‘‘his way.’’

“The bishop does not take help easily. He wants to get into an aircraft on his own volition and get down on his own,” he said.