Kisii orders societies to process coffee with one miller

Kisii County government has directed all coffee societies to take the produce to a central miller in a move aimed at streamlining the sector and boosting income from the cash crop.

Agriculture minister Vincent Sagwe issued a circular on Monday to 22 cooperative societies, to the effect that the Gusii Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union would be the only processor of coffee in Kisii.

“As we reorganise the operations of the coffee sector with a view to enhancing farmers’ earnings, it has been decided that all coffee from the societies is forwarded to their union for milling and marketing,” part of the directive said. He added that the lack of a centralised milling system had cost the county revenue.

“Uncoordinated milling is a major anomaly that has created a conduit for stealing from farmers. A lack of brand identity and a niche market are challenges that must be urgently addressed through a policy framework going forward,” said Mr Sagwe.