Kisii upgrades mortuary to hold 100 bodies

The Kisii government is constructing a mortuary that can carry 100 bodies at its Level Six hospital to address congestion.

James Ongwae, the governor, said the referral hospital has been grappling with limited capacity and poor cooling system at its old 20-body capacity morgue.

The new building, he said, will also serve as a teaching centre for Kisii University medical students. “We are in the process of finalising a 100-body mortuary. The building is 80 per cent complete,” Mr Ongwae said in a phone interview.

Morgues, he said, have been the most neglected part of the health sector and Kisii was keen to reduce the burden of using private facilities.

“We signed an agreement for [the university] to have a teaching and referral facility there. We have built them a laboratory and an office,” said the governor.

Mr Ongwae said the 100-year-old hospital that has stayed without a digital diagnostic machine is now equipped.

“We bought a CT scan to help locals who have been paying up to Sh25,000 for scanning services in private centres.”