Group eyes new startups with accelerator programme

Entrepreneurs Organisation Kenya (EO Kenya) has launched its flagship EO Accelerator programme in the country targeting early-stage business owners.

The programme supports the development and growth of early-stage business persons who are driven to seek out the resources necessary to reach the Sh100 million (US$ 1 million) turnover mark.

“As part of our drive to actively support and nurture the development of Kenya’s entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem, we are thrilled to be launching this Accelerator program. To grow, entrepreneurs need to continually develop new skills, acquire and embed knowledge and be guided by trusted coaches and a peer community,” said EO Kenya President Kathleen Bury.

“This programme provides all of these areas with the aim of supporting them to become more investment ready and financial sustainable,” added Ms Bury.

Accelerator participants are entrepreneurs who have a turnover of between Sh25 million and Sh100 million and are committed to aggressively grow their business.


Apart from meeting the turnover criteria, they undergo an interview to ascertain their entrepreneurial drive and dedication to the programme in terms of being held accountable and time commitment.

The cohort will have access to Gazelle International Coaches who are expert trainers in the areas of strategy, execution, people and cash, based on a program developed using “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish, premised on his research into the systems developed by John Davison Rockefeller Sr. also known as the “Rockefeller Habits”.

They will also be coached by a successful Kenyan entrepreneur and be part of a peer community.

EO Kenya’s strategic partners in this initiative are Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) and Jubilee Insurance, and the media partner is the Nation Media Group (NMG).