Agency targets county partnerships in drive for patents registration

Kenya Industrial Property Institute will launch a sensitisation campaign to help firms and individuals protect their creations through patents and trademarks.

Kipi is calling on start-ups and techies to protect their ideas, innovations and businesses after concerns have perennially been raised about what the market says is the difficult to register original works.

Acting chief executive Sylvanse Sange said the agency will send officers to county forums hosted by the regional governments as well as agricultural shows as a way of bringing their services closer to the people.

In an interview, Mr Sage said that they were also in talks with County Trade Officers to establish partnerships which will enable Kenyans to access intellectual property services with ease.

The State-run parastatal is mandated to protect all the elements of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs and technovations.


Trademarks distinguish a product or service while patents are given to inventions that offer a solution to a specific problem in the field of technology and must have element of novelty.

Mr Sange said it costs Sh3,000 to conduct a search for a proposed patent and a further Sh9,000 to issue a certificate and registering the patent.

The application fee to register a trademark is Sh4,000 for locals and $200 (Sh20,000) for foreign persons.