Communication is glue that holds people together

Communication is the cement that binds people in relations. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Two young friends, a small boy and a girl were playing all day long in a garden. Towards the end of the day, when they were getting ready to go home, the boy made an offer to the girl that if she gave him all the beads she had, he would give her all the marbles he had.

The girl thought about the offer for a while. In about two minutes, she was fine with the offer as she loved playing with the marbles. She had no hesitation in giving her friend the beads. So, the deal was finalised, and they exchanged the marbles and beads. Both of them went home happy as they got what they wanted.

In the night, the boy suddenly woke up and started to cry. His mother panicked and started to nurse him. After a while, the mother asked the boy why he was crying. The boy told her about the deal he had made with his friend at the park.

So, the mother asked him what he was unhappy about as he always wanted to buy beads and today he got them from his friend. The boy told the mother, “Yes, I got the beads, but I don’t know if she gave me all the beads or not. I don’t want to talk to her ever. What if she cheated me and took back some beads after taking all my marbles?”

The next morning the mother called her friend (the girl’s mother) to check on what had happened. The girl’s mother told her that her daughter was super happy as she got the marbles in exchange for her favourite beads.


She did not have any hesitation about giving her beads because she knew that her friend always wanted beads and she always wanted the marbles. So, she was clear about the deal and so was at peace with their relation. Sometimes in life, we complicate our relations so much that we forget the fundamentals of the relation.

Relationship fades, when communication fades: Communication is the cement that binds people in relations. When the cement cracks, people start focusing more on the differences and disagreements than what brought them together.

In relationship, little things make a big difference: A small hole is big enough to sink the largest of the ships. Sometimes small things like a simple bright smile, a small help, a soft answer make the biggest difference in relationships.

Focus on the real things for stronger relations: Every relationship has its fair share of fights, arguments, tears, disagreements and hurting. But the real pieces of a good relationship are the faith and respect people have for each other. When you focus on those, everything else falls into place.