Jamii Bora creates hub for tenders, trade cycles

Jamii Bora CEO Samuel Kimani (left) during the launch of Tender Hub, a platform for entrepreneurs. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Jamii Bora CEO Samuel Kimani (left) during the launch of Tender Hub, a platform for entrepreneurs. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Jamii Bora Bank has unveiled a resource space for entrepreneurs looking to penetrate various sectors of the economy.

Dubbed the Tender Hub, the service will provide entrepreneurs with information on trade cycles, regulatory and legal requirements for their businesses as well available tenders.

The Hub service will also educate entrepreneurs on how to obtain credit from banks.

“Unveiling the Tender Hub is s in line with our trade strategy of providing end-to-end solutions and value chain financing for entrepreneurs and their businesses,” said Jamii Bora Bank chief executive Samuel Kimani.

The hub is housed at the Jamii Bora head office in Kilimani, Nairobi, and will offer services through its repository of tenders and procurement opportunities.

At the hub, customers will be assisted in making applications for bids, company formation, and filing tax returns.

Mr Kimani noted the Tender Hub will provide a daily updated list of tenders available for bidding and offer advice on compiling tender documents, submission of tax returns and business registration.

“The spot will give our customers a place to view all published tenders, allow and assist them to make the applications, and walk with them throughout the trade cycle when successful,” he said.

The resource centre will also have weekly two-day classes on tendering and financial literacy.

Lessons will include advisory services on company formation and registration, basic accounting and book-keeping, tender information and bidding support as well as post-award support and access to credit and trade finance.

“We are growing our horizons from only being a bank to also being a business partner to our clients through investing in educating and training them on practical business related topics,” Mr Kimani said.