Trans Nzoia offers farmers rabbits in bid to diversify

More than 1,000 Trans Nzoia farmers will receive rabbits from the county government in a diversification drive.

County Livestock chief officer Mary Nzomo said the programme would see each of the identified farmers receive 11 rabbits.

“We are meeting the cost of buying the rabbits which will then be given freely to farmers to set the programme rolling,” Ms Nzomo said in her Kitale town office Monday.

She said studies show that farmers can benefits from selling rabbit meat, which is in high demand.

“Rabbits need small space and minimal care yet they have vast economic advantages when compared to maize which has poor market,” she said.

Ms Nzomo said that rabbit meat has high nutritional value and low cholesterol, adding that the World Rabbit Organisation would offer a ready market for farmers.

An adult rabbit is sold at between Sh2,500 and Sh5,000.

“We challenge farmers to take advantage of this investment opportunity. Maize might not be our economic backbone any more since the government has initiated an irrigation project at Galana expected to produce 40 million bags,” she said.